What a client has to say about you means so much more than what you could possibly say about yourself.

Business Coaching Success Stories

Doug HarrisDoug Harris Owner, The Paper Market

After starting my own business, I was feeling overwhelmed with the endless lists of things that had to get done - not to mention the fact that my personal life was being sacrificed to "make the grade" as an
entrepreneur. After working with Julie, I achieved the goals I had set out to do: doubled my sales, designed new ways of generating income, and reclaimed my personal life! It is not the job of a husband, wife, or a friend to get you where you want to go - that is a job for a Business Coach! I feel so proud of myself for "making it happen" that I continue to attract even more success because I am confident in what I am doing. It's easy to hide from yourself, and make excuses for why you didn't get certain goals achieved, and then you just feel terrible about yourself. With the support of Coach Julie, I was able to get clear on what my priorities were, and how I could best achieve the goals. Thank you Julie, you really made a difference in the success of our new business, and for that we remain grateful.


Jaclyn BradleyJaclyn Bradley, Managing Associate,
Creative Financial Services

How many times do we as business owners promise ourselves that we will dedicate a day to “planning”? Somehow we always seem to get “busy” doing other things.  Working with Julie has made me set aside time to work “on” my business rather than “in” my business.   I find my coaching sessions to be the most productive part of my month, keeping me focused and on point to achieve my goals.                           


Mike CoraluzziMike Coraluzzi
The “No-Time” Real Estate Investor
www.MikeCoraluzzi.com  www.DoneForYouProperties.com

Having Julie as a Coaching Resource is something that I completely COUNT ON. I’ve gone to her to help me with my presentation skills and in a very short time, my skills (and my attitude) were completely transformed. And I LOVE Masterminding with her because she always gives me great ideas. Her enthusiasm is downright infectious and after every meeting with her I have a brand-new motivation. To sum it all up, she’s a business “ass-kicker” and I love that about her! I need to see her more!

Angela MegaskoAngela V. Megasko, President
Market Viewpoint LLC

Julie Taylor gets results! Her systematic and focused approach to coaching and consulting works to improve your image and profitability. She is driven to helping you achieve your professional best and her genuine interest in all of her clients is the one thing that sets Julie Taylor apart from the others in her field. She cares and this is evident in every encounter she has with you.


Marketing Consulting Success Stories

Scott McPhersonScott A. McPherson, CPA, CFE, CVA
Owner, McPherson CPA, PLLC and FinancialFutureCFO.com
www.mcphersoncpa.com and www.financialfuturecfo.com

I have worked with various Marketing Agencies and Consultants over the years which all had one major weakness:  They didn’t help us get the marketing job done…everything was theoretical meaning they all told us what we could do instead of making those ideas a reality.
Working with JADCC is different.  Julie reminds us of next steps and deadlines, meets with us, and holds us accountable to executing our marketing plan.


Kristina TaylorKristina Taylor, President
VerifyProtect.com and ATS, Inc.

Julie Taylor is an excellent Marketing Consultant and Business Coach. She has incredible insight into the way I think and uses it to teach me about how to market to my prospects. Some coaches have canned scripts and programs; my work with Julie is very customized to my situation. This gives me and my company tremendous value because I can use the information immediately and I learn it to use again and again. I love it when after a long diatribe on my part she says, "So what you are really saying is..." then she will boil down what I have just related into a sentence or two. Creating clarity that we use to form action steps to move forward. Truly gifted and excellent!


Sam CollinsSam Collins, Owner Sam Collins Marketing

It’s rare to find someone who you can confide in and trust with the most intricate parts of your business and even yourself. In return, receive intelligent and thoughtful guidance that leads to implementation and action that really impacts your business. Julie Taylor has been that person and has made huge difference for me. Her consulting and coaching insight have allowed me to achieve new breakthroughs in my reverse mortgage marketing business. I definitely could not have accomplished many of my goals without Julie’s guidance and wisdom. Please feel free to contact me personally if you need any further reference or recommendation.


Renee TalleyRenee Talley, Owner Flowers & More

I have found JADCC’s marketing expertise to be enormously beneficial. Julie has encouraged me to be creative in finding solutions to my marketing dilemmas and has really held me accountable to devise a plan of action and STICK WITH IT! I cannot recommend her highly enough.